Glass Houses

Somebody suggested 'Ready Player One' to me and not really knowing what to expect, I popped in my earphones and listened to Wil Wheaton reading it to me via the wonders of audiobook technology.

I can safely say I was pleasantly overwhelmed geekery wonderousness of it all. So about a month or two onwards, I decided to pay tribute to one of my favourite quotes via typography!

Here's what the final product looked like.

So this time I wanted to do something bright and colourful to contrast some of the typography I'd been doing lately that looked really gritty and had a lot of texture.

Here's a look at some of the process shots:

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Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind.

Another wonderful quote by Terry Pratchett. I'm not entirely sure why but I found myself struggling a bit with those one, where as the other quote, "Humans need fantasy" seemed to flow out from my pen.

I think it's because I wanted to try something new and nothing like my past typography posters, and it's hard to do something that's not natural to your hand I guess.

I didn't realise it but this finished product looked a lot like a grindhouse poster with an even mix of cartoonish 50's sci-fi.

Something else that was different about this project was I'd completely messed up the raw drawing that was scanned in and I didn't realise it until I'd exported the file into Photoshop. That's why a healthy dose of concentration is helpful when trying to draw things, kids. You'll see the mistake below:

So not only did I somehow manage to change an 'F' to an 'E', I'd drawn out the word 'SIGN' twice. Excellent job, Naj.

It took a fair bit of cleaning up. I usually spend a lot more time with precise lines and layering black ink on black ink to make sure the scans turn out pristine, and this was a complete exception.

The second picture is how it looked cleaned up! A vast improvement.

And finally, these were the three  versions I did up before deciding on the final one!

I also have to add that I did not spot that I had drawn 'a sure sign' instead of 'the sure sign'! Which goes to show you, you really need a fresh pair of eyes to point out these mistakes to you.