Moon Goddess

When I originally started sketching the layout of 'Moon', I was inspired by some of the illustrations of the Art Nouveau period which I realised were direct descendants of Japanese woodblocks! Pretty interesting.

I began to imagine a moon goddess with an implacable mask and a fantastic cape, because she's fabulous obviously.

Okay, so the drawing part was easy. but something was off. It looked... incomplete. That's when I realised I needed to tackle territory I am still afraid of - digital painting. Yikes! The problem is, I'm surrounded by absolutely terrific and talented digital painters on my tumblr feed and I think my expectations for myself are a little bit too high. After a quick pep talk and some coffee (and a mini magnum or two) I was ready to take this on.

And you know what? It wasn't that bad. Digital painting is actually really fun once you get into the groove because layers make it super forgiving. So I'm definitely doing it again.

Anyway below, the result. You might notice that I replaced that weird chunky floral border with something with a little more cosmic flavour. Mmmm cosmic flavour.

Personally, I still feel like like it might need something but at this stage I'm very happy with it, and sometimes that has to be good enough! Especially with my type-A, perfection obsessed, Ravenclaw personality.

Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind.

Another wonderful quote by Terry Pratchett. I'm not entirely sure why but I found myself struggling a bit with those one, where as the other quote, "Humans need fantasy" seemed to flow out from my pen.

I think it's because I wanted to try something new and nothing like my past typography posters, and it's hard to do something that's not natural to your hand I guess.

I didn't realise it but this finished product looked a lot like a grindhouse poster with an even mix of cartoonish 50's sci-fi.

Something else that was different about this project was I'd completely messed up the raw drawing that was scanned in and I didn't realise it until I'd exported the file into Photoshop. That's why a healthy dose of concentration is helpful when trying to draw things, kids. You'll see the mistake below:

So not only did I somehow manage to change an 'F' to an 'E', I'd drawn out the word 'SIGN' twice. Excellent job, Naj.

It took a fair bit of cleaning up. I usually spend a lot more time with precise lines and layering black ink on black ink to make sure the scans turn out pristine, and this was a complete exception.

The second picture is how it looked cleaned up! A vast improvement.

And finally, these were the three  versions I did up before deciding on the final one!

I also have to add that I did not spot that I had drawn 'a sure sign' instead of 'the sure sign'! Which goes to show you, you really need a fresh pair of eyes to point out these mistakes to you.