A sprained ankle + Too much time indoors = Creativity Spurt?

Okay, I already regret using the word 'spurt'. Ew. Long story shirt, my adventures in roller derby came to a very sudden and painful halt last Saturday while falling down and spraining my ankle. 

It was kinda funny until I realised I had to make my way all the way from the leisure centre to Basingstoke train station, and then from Salisbury to home. Uncool. Luckily with some help from a team mate (Thanks Tom!) and my totally amazing husband who carried me bridal style (yes, I will admit I pretended to be Whitney Houston in the Bodyguard for about 30 seconds) I finally got to the safety of my house. My ankle was about the size of a lemon and I started sniffling because I was then totally overwhelmed. 

Foot fetishists eat your heart out

What the hell was I going to do about work? When was I going to be able to walk?

Spoiler alert - I didn't go and it's been 13 days and I still can't walk. 



So after a day or two of freaking out, I did what I usually do and started making stuff. Or to be specific, started making art.

I relied on the things that made me happy - junk food obviously! With some googling and doodling, I put together an awesome pattern that just makes me smile. 

This print is available as awesome merch from Society6 & RedBubble!