A sprained ankle + Too much time indoors = Creativity Spurt?

Okay, I already regret using the word 'spurt'. Ew. Long story shirt, my adventures in roller derby came to a very sudden and painful halt last Saturday while falling down and spraining my ankle. 

It was kinda funny until I realised I had to make my way all the way from the leisure centre to Basingstoke train station, and then from Salisbury to home. Uncool. Luckily with some help from a team mate (Thanks Tom!) and my totally amazing husband who carried me bridal style (yes, I will admit I pretended to be Whitney Houston in the Bodyguard for about 30 seconds) I finally got to the safety of my house. My ankle was about the size of a lemon and I started sniffling because I was then totally overwhelmed. 

Foot fetishists eat your heart out

What the hell was I going to do about work? When was I going to be able to walk?

Spoiler alert - I didn't go and it's been 13 days and I still can't walk. 



So after a day or two of freaking out, I did what I usually do and started making stuff. Or to be specific, started making art.

I relied on the things that made me happy - junk food obviously! With some googling and doodling, I put together an awesome pattern that just makes me smile. 

This print is available as awesome merch from Society6 & RedBubble!

It's 2016... already...

Cue the baffled sound I make when I take a look at the date of my last blog post and it says July 7th, 2015. Eep. What was that about writing regular blog posts again?

But nevermind, we shall strive to do better! 

In the period of time between my last post and this point in time, I've been employed, turned 27 and eaten at least my weight's worth in rose flavoured Turkish Delights (I regret nothing). The air is now cold after a very mild Christmas and I am on holiday for a week. 

I'd like to kick off 2016 with a collection of drawings. I don't usually make resolutions but I would like to  (a) learn a new skill, as usual, and (b) keep improving  upon my digital painting and designing. I'm also going to actively date everything I've made so I can cringe at my past work AND know how long ago I made it. Bonus. 

I first attempted to do a painting of Yennefer of 'The Witcher' in a pretty awkward pose.

Didn't work out and I quickly gave up. I then moved on to another gaming franchise and made a portrait of everyone's favourite egg, Solas, from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Also included, a fancy process gif! 

I also painted a pretty nightmarish scenario - the deep sea fascinates and scares me in equal measure. 

And finally, wrapping it up with a study of Hughes Merle's 'Mary Magdalene in The Cave'. Studies are hard to do, and I guess that's why I should do them. I'm definitely going to aim to do more. 

And that's the update from 2016! I'm excited to see what's next. 

Revolutionary Ninja Bunnies

In awesome news today, there is a cool person walking around with my artwork tattooed on their body!

Rory sent me this picture of a present she got herself for the 8th anniversary of turning vegan. Congrats and I’m proud that you treat yo’self girl!

She describes the tattoo as a revolutionary ninja bunny  - "I like to think he's preparing to rescue all the other bunnies from the cosmetics testing labs."

Tattoo done by Riley Leachman who I think did a really great job!

Two weeks into 2015

Here's a weird thing - I posted a package off to my nieces a few days ago and I'm fairly sure I wrote the date on the registered article receipt as 01/14.

One thing I still get really excited about is buying a new sketchbook. My brand new Daler-Rowney sketchbook (which is way more affordable than a freaking Moleskine) is so fresh and so clean and full of wonderful possibilities. And then I put my pencil to the paper...

After all the hullaballoo that's been happening in my family recently, I finally got some time to buckle down and do some doodling.

And true to my resolution, stuck to my guns and did some digital painting.

These are still works in progress! They're just playful little doodles but I think I might be getting an idea for a longform work. Hopefully. Oh no I've jinxed it. *SIGH

What a little figure drawing practice can do...

I've officially consigned myself to stay home for the next two days on a crafting frenzy before MAAD happens this Friday, but I did allow myself today to pause and slack off.
What usually happens is as follows: I'll go out, have a coffee, take out my sketchbook and do a little figure drawing. I decided to concentrate on animals today and was actually really pleased with the results. I always expect that whatever I draw will turn out to be complete and utter poop.

Then I got home, played some Pokémon Omega Ruby (I've finished the main storyline so I'm hanging about the Battle Maison like a creeper), got some work done (the actual biggest surprise of today) and started doodling. The weirdest part about art or any creative endeavour is that most of the time, it feels like I try so hard to push out something that's just about passable in my eyes. And sometimes, it feels like something with great potential flows out - and that happened today. I guess my Muse was back from her holiday or something.

So I'm going to put this up for sale at the flea market, but as I've scanned it in I guess there's no harm in doing a little digital painting too! Fingers crossed. I'm still a little scared of digital painting, eep!