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So you're a designer and someone says to you "We want you to design something..."  

Okay, good so far... 

"it can be ANYTHING you want!"  

Oh dear. You see, this is exactly the point where my brain completely shuts down.  

The problem, I think, is with the way I'm wired. I'm used to seeing many different possibilities, when faced with a design brief. It's just smart to come up several choices when approaching one! However, as soon as someone says "do ANYTHING you want", it's often times more limiting.

I start overthinking, getting excited about the project and finally my brain peaks at the sheer amount of possibilities and... Nothing! Absolutely nothing.   This is why I'm currently in a Starbucks having a coffee and in, what I call, my idea incubation stage. It's when I absorb a ton of great design ideas and look at different references, and then go outside of my little work bubble at home and just zone out. So far it's worked but there's always an underlying sense of anxiety that I won't find an idea I love.  

Heres hoping my muse helps me out soon. 

English summers... 

English summers...