I draw from my experience as both a digital marketer and a designer to extend a helping hand to businesses to flourish and better understand the tools at their disposal to achieve their goals. I have always had a passion for small, dynamic businesses as I find it incredibly exciting to nourish a fledgling project and watch it grow!

If you are looking for advice and freelance consultancy and work for your business in marketing and/or design (as the two often go hand in hand) then don't hesitate to contact me - I'm always ready to meet over a coffee or simply a Skype conference away...

Marketing consultancy

I have had ten years in marketing training in experience, and am constantly driven to find out more of the marketing landscape. I have a passion for learning all about the newest and cost-effective strategies to help any business grow, and I bring this essence of innovation to any project that comes my way. My consultancy includes digital marketing strategy, email marketing as well as social media marketing. My experience includes that of retail and travel in both client and agency environments.


An essential part of any business, I can provide vital advice to help you put your best face forward.


 A high-converting part of the marketing funnel, I deliver key pointers from designing a highly optimised template, to maintaining and growing your lists.

Social media marketing

My focus is on using social media as a precise tool to achieve business goals - I can plan a strategy to use your accounts for success.

print & digital design

My experience in both online and offline design is a benefit for any small business - whether you'd like to redesign your menu, or refresh your print advertising, I'm more than happy to use my skills to give your business a bit of flair and professionalism. Art and design are my passions, and I believe them to be an tremendously effective tool for storytelling, and communicating your key messages. What's more, I bring my data-driven experience for designs that are not just beautiful, but also functional.

workshops & talks

i've had extensive experience in public speaking and giving workshops in a number of topics, from beginner workshops in needle felting, to providing video content for key marketing pitches. If you would like a workshop for your business in any of my topics of speciality, then please give me a shout!

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