Frequently Asked Questions

Hello there!

Thanks for your interest in me and my work. To make things easy here are some general FAQs that might apply to your needs.


1. "Do you work on personal requests, commissions, as I want a picture/tattoo/logo/ illustration?"

Yes I do, I'm always happy and excited to help you with whatever your requirements are. Please feel free to contact me and tell me what you have in mind, and I'll work out how much it will cost, and how long it might take roughly.


2. "Do you work for free if I credit you/tell everyone how good your art is?"

No. I need to eat. Just let me know what your budget is in advance and I will work around it! Please remember though - once a price has been agreed upon it is not negotiable.


3. "Can I use your work on my website/product?"

Naturally, If you have purchased work from me or paid for my services, then please tell me if you intend to use it for commercial purposes.


However, if you have not paid for my work, you have no right to use or copy it without my express permission. Even if itʼs for a tattoo.


4. "Do you work commercially? Or on a per project basis?"

The answer to both questions is yes! The nature of the projects I have worked on range from small and personal to large and commercial! The best way to start is to let me know what you need and how soon you need it.


5. "What is the best way to contact you?"

Via e-mail ( is always best. I always try to answer as quickly as I can, but depending on how much I've got on it may take a day or two, but I will get back to you - don't panic!


6. "I messaged you over facebook/twitter/tumblr, why haven't you replied?"

If it's important please e-mail me, I don't always have time to check social media for messages.


7. "How do I/we pay you?"

PayPal or bank transfer will be fine, please contact me for details - I can provide invoices if needed.


8. “Can I change my mind about the project every five minutes?”

No. Obviously. I do allow up to two major adjustments or redesigns on each project. However, subsequent changes will be charged accordingly.


9. "How much information do you need to get my work the way I want?"

The more the better. If you have something particular in mind, please give me as much information and detail as possible. For example, I might ask for a moodboard (a collection of images that best portray what you want) as well as samples of my past work that you think fit the project best!

Keeping things ʻvagueʼ, ʻambiguousʼ or ʻexploratoryʼ are for psychics and ninjas, not working designers.

Most of all, I look forward to working on every project provided that there is mutual respect and understanding and most importantly, an open line of communication!