An Official Introduction: Family Edition

It makes sense to officially introduce the people of my life if I'm going to start blogging regularly. 

Myself, Najmah Salam. Currently 26, married, just had a tuna sandwich. Writer of this blog and also an artist and designer. 





Russell Hope, Husband. The real MVP and has the cutest gams in town. Will turn up frequently in blog posts. We've been together since 2010. 

Also pictured: Cat Friend, Actual Cat. We don't own him but he meows insistently at the door and we let him in. Very clumsy for a cat.

Jasmine and Linda, my nieces. Will also appear frequently, along with my honorary furry niece Chloe, (Linda's dog). They both live in Melbourne. 

The 'rents, who are divorced and have unfortunately been left behind in Singapore to my mother's chagrin, as this has disrupted her weekly ritual of sharing cake and tea with me and streaming Dancing With The Stars to look at all the hot dancing bods. My dad still maintains his classic Asian Dad stoicism by messaging me mildly passive-aggressive things about delicious Singaporean food that he's eating without me. 

I also have two sisters, Durrah and Wardah, whose pictures I don't have. They're 11 and 12 years older than me. Durrah lives with my mother while Wardah lives with her husband in New York. When I say my family's all over the place, I totally mean it. 

I do miss my family but if i'm being completely honest, living with them did seem like I'd never left my childhood. I'd wake up some nights in a panic thinking that my entire tertiary school experience never happened and I had to put on my secondary school uniform because morning assembly was going to start in an hour (yikes!!). 

I do have to say, there's nothing like being booted straight into adulthood again like moving to another country.