5 Reasons To Visit Pompeii With Andante Travels

If you’ve been wondering how best to spend your next holiday, look no further than the wonderfully rich historic site of Pompeii. Our expert-led archaeological tour of Pompeii, Herculaneum & Classical Campania is an outstanding favourite, and a must for any ancient civilisation enthusiast, or simply someone who wishes to have a truly memorable holiday. 

Read below to explore the five reasons why you should take this journey with us, and how we make it an exceptional experience that will be remembered for a lifetime!


1. Navigate The Best Preserved Sites of Ancient Rome

Come with us on a week long getaway as we dive deep into life in 79AD before the fateful eruption of Mount Vesuvius. No other site can compare in revealing the scale and proportions of a Roman town. We take special care to travel the best routes and avoid the crowds so you can be wowed by the buildings of Pompeii, including an amphitheatre, forum, bathhouses and other town fixtures.

We also go off the beaten track to marvel at sites such as the decadent villas of Stabiae, dedicated to the wealthiest of Roman society and see what luxury was like in ancient times.


2. Special Access

Andante Travels enjoys access to rarely visited sites. Take advantage and join us on exclusive trips to sights such as the cavernous Piscina Mirabilis at Misenum, normally closed to the public - but open to you! This gigantic cistern stored water for the Roman fleet and fed the towns of the Bay of Naples


3. A Glimpse Into History

The highly preserved scenery of Pompeii doesn’t just showcase the magnificent Roman architecture, but also the humanity of this once bustling town. The nature of Pompeii being frozen in time shows glimpses into daily life in 79AD, truly breathtaking to behold in person. From the graffiti on house walls, to fountains worn down by generations of people resting their hands to take a drink, you will have an incomparably clear picture of Ancient Roman life.

One of our expert guides in action.

One of our expert guides in action.

4. Expert Guides

Naturally, these details will be put under the spotlight by our exceptional Expert Guides, all of whom are specialists in Roman Archaeology or Ancient History.

Join us as we listen, take in the sights and gain a deeper understanding from our Guide Lecturers whom have actually excavated at Pompeii and will speak about the latest archaeological research and technology shedding light into the Ancient Roman world.


5. Visit Herculaneum And Beyond

Our tour doesn’t just end at Pompeii, we continue our visit with other sites of interest that perfectly complement the historical site.

We make a stop at the National Archaeological Museum at Naples and marvel at the exceptional collection of artefacts brought from the early days of the excavation at Pompeii and its surrounding areas.

Another of the sites included in our tour is Herculaneum, a town buried deeper than Pompeii within volcanic ash. Wander the streets where you can view almost complete Roman houses on either side, preserved up to their rooftops in some cases.

Mt. Vesuvius is also on your agenda as we ascend the great volcanic crater. Enjoy spectacular views of Naples and all of the sites covered over the entirety of the tour. Truly a incomparable experience you will never forget!

Book a tour to Pompeii with us today!

Now that you know all about our premium and expert-led archaeological tours, contact us for availability and you’ll soon be immersing yourself in the rich history of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Classic Campania.

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